Anoia Comarca Motor Invest Center Catalonia

Anoia region, the opportunity of the motor world

The Anoia Motor Campus promotes the Anoia Motor Strategic Table, a project that aims to promote the development and economic promotion of the motor sector and the creation of employment in the Anoia region.

The project has the support of Diputació de Barcelona and the Anoia County Council, and aims to position the Anoia region as a Catalan reference in the motor world.

The first meeting was held at the Anoia Motor Campus, the specialized equipment for companies in the motor, aeronautical and renewable energies sector, for the accomplishment of projects of research, investigation and development in this field.

In this first session, companies and entities defined the strategic lines to promote the infrastructures and new technologies, the connected and autonomous vehicle, the university training and the redirection so that companies of the sector settle in the region. However, consolidating the Anoia region as a benchmark in the motor world.

On the last working session, at the end of last year, Mr. Xavier Boquete, President of the Anoia County Council; Mr. Joan Serra, mayor of the City Council of Castellolí; Mr. Vicenç Aguilera, president of the Cluster of the Automotive Industry of Catalonia; Mr. Blai Paco and Ms. Paula Arias, president and manager of the Anoia Business Union; Mr. Toni Garcia, general director of the company DOGA; Mr. Pablo Lara as a representative of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya; Mr. Emili Hernández, as a representative of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia; Mr. Jordi Arilla and Mr. Ton Pons, as representatives of the Parcmotor Castellolí Circuit, as well as project technicians.

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