Fira Bstim Invest Center Catalonia

The BSTIM Fair is the opportunity to bring together companies related to the textile

Igualada becomes the business point of the manufacturing textile industry of Catalonia and Spain.

BSTIM fair〔BEST SOLUTION IN TEXTILE MANUFACTURING FAIR〕is a professional show that responds to the supply needs in the vicinity of the finished article, brands and distributors of the fashion industry.

And precisely in the Conca d’Òdena, there is an important business center in the textile sector, which has been immersed in an important Plan for Reindustrialisation and adaptation of new technologies to improve and keep innovating in processes, to give even more emphasis to the promotion of the textile fabrication of proximity.

Mancomunitat of Conca d’Òdena, the coordinator of the INVEST CENTER CATALONIA project, is present at the fair to help visitors from different European countries to conduct business contacts and know the industrial land offer available in the region, a privileged connection point with Barcelona and more Mediterranean cities. The best place to invest, produce and grow. → INDUSTRIAL TALENT IN BARCELONA ↴