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Economic growth in Anoia above the Catalan average in 2016

Anoia, together with other municipalities in the Central Catalonia, recorded the economic growth of its gross domestic product (GDP) more than last 2016, according to the BBVA Regional Economic Yearbook, led by Josep Oliver, Emeritus professor of Applied Economics of the UAB.

The study, which analyzes the territorial distribution of economic growth in the country, pointed out that the Anoia region grew by 3,8% in 2016. In addition, it established a cumulative growth of the Anoia economy of  8,7% between 2013 and 2016, close to 9% of the set of Catalonia, but below 10.1% of the average for the rest of the counties of Central Catalonia.

In the Anoia, the services sector grew by 3,8%, while the industrial sector was 3,3%, especially in the manufacturing industries. One of the sectors with a significant increase was the primary sector, with a growth of 17%, well above the Catalan average (10,5%). Livestock and agriculture were two of the growing activities, unlike forestry that got worse. Regarding the construction sector, despite being below 3,2% of the rest of Catalonia, grew by 2,1%.

According to the Statistical Institute of Catalonia (Idescat), in 2016 Catalan GDP also reached an annual growth of 3,5%, reaching a figure of 223,629 million euros.