Mancomunitat De La Conca Odena Aposta Per La Industria 4.0

Generalitat of Catalonia offers grants for high-impact business investments

With the aim of promoting Catalonia towards the industrial transformation and thus turning the country into one of the pioneering territories in Industry 4.0 at the international level, from the general direction of Industry and the Agency for the Competitiveness of Businesses (ACTION) has promoted an incentive program for high impact investments.

Companies that can benefit from the grants are companies with an operating establishment in Catalonia that carry out high impact projects that are described in the bases of the call. Projects of high impact are considered investment projects, both companies already established in Catalonia and companies in the process of establishing themselves, except for companies with projects of retail and real estate.

The types of subsidized projects are: job creation projects in the field of information and communication technologies, industrial projects for the production of goods through the assembly or transformation of raw materials or services activities in the industry, logistics centers as centers with distribution activities, business investment projects in fixed assets, creation of R & D centers, strategic projects for the Catalan economy linked to Industry 4.0, among others.

“National Agreement for Industry” to promote the competitiveness of Catalonia

By 2020, 25% of Catalan GDP is intended to be industrial. It is a project of long-term strategic vision that was shaped by the creation of the National Agreement for Industry. The project has six main axes to transform Catalan industry into the transition to new models, and thus lead the fourth industrial revolution. These six axes are: business competitiveness, business dimension and financing, industry 4.0 and digitization, training, infrastructure and energy; and sustainability and circular economy.

We are facing the 4th industrial revolution, based on the connection of machines and systems in the same production space, and the smooth exchange of information without borders. In view of this reality, the Generalitat of Catalonia wants to promote industrial transformation to enable Catalonia to become one of the pioneering territories at an international level in the adoption of Industry 4.0.

Catalonia has a great competitiveness thanks to its great outward opening, the firm commitment to the innovation of the companies of the country, and the important industrial base in which it is formed. The industry has played a fundamental role in the configuration of modern Catalonia, reaching almost 21% of our GDP and generating employment of quality and territorial cohesion.

From the Business Investment Attraction Office of the Intermunicipal Commonwealth of the Òdena Basin we work to promote the industry 4.0 in our territory, as one of the lines of action. The objective is to promote a series of lines of action that lead companies in the Òdena Basin to this new paradigm of the means of production.