Missió Empresarial Del Sector Automoció A Mèxic

Mexico, the opportunity for the Catalan automotive sector

In order to be able to know the opportunities that the automotive industry in Catalonia can bring to the Mexican market, ACCIÓ and the Cluster of the Automotive Industry of Catalonia (CIAC) organize together a business automotive mission in Mexico, next 12th to 16th of March. The Business Investment Attraction Office of the Commonwealth of the Òdena Basin will be present in order to put in contact the territory of the Òdena Basin with purchasing departments of first and second level provider companies.

Mexico, one of the world’s leading automotive producers

During 2017, the automotive industry accounted for 30.8% of total Mexican exports and 9.3% of the manufacturing industry. It is the main industrial sector in Mexico with regard to the generation of jobs, technology transfer, investment attraction and human capital development.

Mexico is among the top 10 world producers of the automotive industry, where 8 of the top 10 manufacturers worldwide have assembling plants in the country (Ford, GM, Nissan, Fiat Chrysler, Toyota, Audi and Kia). It is the first provider of the automotive industry in the United States and almost all companies are expanding production and / or creating new plants.

The opportunity for the Catalan automotive sector

The Catalan automotive sector has a lot to contribute to the Mexican market, especially in specific opportunities such as: die-cutting and / or stamping, foundry, forging, design and engineering, injection of plastics, semiconductors, die castings, surface treatments, carpets and garments and wiring.

The automotive industry is one of the main engines of Catalonia, which manufactures one in four vehicles in Spain and concentrates the most advanced development centers. In addition, it is also a sector in constant evolution and investigation, because it advances firmly towards the connected vehicle.

At a regional level, the recently created Anoia Motor Strategy Table, it’s a project financed by the Diputació de Barcelona and the Anoia County Council, which aims to determine the lines of action of the Anoia region in the world of the engine. The objective is to exploit the potential of the engine cluster and facilities such as the Motor Campus or the Motor Park, and thus facilitate investments in this economic area in the region.