Conveni Invest Uea

We add efforts with the Anoia Business Union to promote a circular economy model in the region

The Business Investment Attraction Office of the Intermunicipal Commonwealth of the Òdena Basin (MICOD) has signed a collaboration agreement with the Anoia Business Union (UEA), in order to stimulate economic and business growth in the Anoia region, retain talent in our territory, capture new companies so that they settle in our region and promote a model of circular economy.

The agreement, which was formalized on Tuesday, May 29th, 2018, establishes the commitment of the two entities to foster the economy of the territory and promote respect for the natural environment of the Anoia, as key factors for attracting new investments.

The agreement reflects the commitment with the territory and the region and establishes the road map to work together for a circular Anoia and a region of talent through two projects: Talent Capital Anoia and Anoia Circular.

From MICOD we believe that these two challenges can be key for attracting new companies and new investments in the region, while consolidating the existing ones. We want to collaborate in the positioning of Anoia as a capital of talent, and at the same time, in the passage of the territory towards a committed and increasingly circular region, a great added value that will favor the attraction of companies with the same values, but that will also facilitate the growth of existing ones.

Anoia circular

The UEA and the Micod Business Investment Attraction Office join efforts to promote the Anoia region towards business and social commitment, through the new economic model of the circular economy.

The circular economy aims to abolish the current linear system, based on “produce, consume and throw” and maximize the available resources, both material and energy, so that they remain as long as possible within the production cycle. With this, we unlink the economic growth from the finite consumption of resources, and reduce waste through the use of energy.

The project seeks to improve the competitiveness of the companies of the territory through this economic model, and at the same time to move towards the search of respectful production processes with the natural environment.