Jornada Mobilitat Campus Motor Anois – Copia

The Campus Motor Anoia will celebrate the 14th Catalan Mobility Conference

On June 6th and 7th, the Association of Municipalities for the Mobility of Urban Transport (AMTU), organizes the 14th edition of the Catalan Mobility Conference 2018 (Catalan Mobility Conference), at the Campus Motor Anoia (Castellolí). This year will focus on public transport with autonomous vehicles.

The journey is organized every year in a different city, with the status of being part of AMTU, and is aimed at technicians, councilors and mobility operators. The objective of the event is to improve the quality of mobility, transport services and contribute to efficiency and sustainability.

The Catalan Mobility Conference receives the collaboration of national and international experts, and is presented as an opportunity to know the technological developments and innovations in the field of mobility at an international level.

The sponsoring entity, AMTU, is an association of municipalities whose objective is to provide technical, legal and administrative support to partners in matters of mobility, infrastructure and public transport. His activity focuses on publications about mobility, public transport and infrastructures; the improvement of the infrastructures of public transport as well as the financing of urban transport, and the management of the subsidies received by the municipalities that are attached to improve urban transport, amongst others.