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The connected vehicle: the challenge of the automotive sector

The automotive sector has an important challenge in the short and long term: the tendency of connectivity, mobility and digitization of the sector in the next 10 years. The connected, autonomous, shared and electric car appears as a response from the future that will separate the combustion engines in favor of the electric ones.

With the incorporation of the connected vehicle, automobile safety improves, as it allows connecting the car with infrastructures and other users, while at the same time having remote access to car’s data. This last aspect facilitates the performance in cases of breakdowns, as the roadside assistance provider can know their status and location, help diagnose breakdowns and warn about future revisions; find out the real mileage of the car or driving style of the driver, as well as encourage efficient driving by customizing tips.

L’Anoia, the territory of reference in the research of the motor world

In the region of Anoia there are several initiatives to lead the revolution of the connected vehicle. From Parcmotor Castellolí-Barcelona, ​​with the equipment installed by CELLNEX TELECOM, an integrated ecosystem of innovation in the field of the connected and autonomous vehicle is made available. The circuit has a wireless network with coverage throughout the enclosure that allows the connectivity of all vehicles, high definition cameras for the tracking of vehicles on the track, and units for the transmission of telemetry, voice and data video; as well as an IoT network (Internet of Things) and broadband.

Regarding the Motor Anoia Campus, apart from having ideal facilities for testing electric vehicles, with all guarantees of confidentiality, the Anoia Connected Car Living Lab project has also been promoted.

The project is promoted through the Anoia County Council and the Anoia Motor Campus, for people interested in specific training of the connected vehicle. Learning is divided into four areas: “Challenges and opportunities of the connected vehicle”, “Platforms and technologies of the connected vehicle”, “Situation of the international market of the connected vehicle” and “Training in business management”; and has lecturers coming from companies and entities that are referents in the subject matter such as Cellnex Telecom, Applus IDIADA, SEAT, Eurecat, Vodafone, RACC, Barcelona School of Design, CIAC, UOC, UPC and Geomotion Games.


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