Invest Spaper Saragossa

The MICOD Business Investment Attraction Office participates in the Spaper fair in Zaragoza

From February 5 to 7, 2019, the first edition of the International Hall of machinery and equipment for cellulose, paper and cardboard is held in Zaragoza. From the Business Investment Attraction Office of the Intermunicipal Commonwealth of the Conca of Òdena (MICOD) we represent the sector of paper of our territory. The show coincides with the celebration of the 24th edition of SMAGUA, the International Water and Rec Exhibition.

The aim of the fair is to bring together professionals from the field to provide ideas and solutions that benefit the paper, pasta and cardboard sector at an international level. Apart from visiting the exhibition areas, it is also planned to participate in the conferences and debates that question the most relevant aspects of the sector and its future, marked by technology, innovation and sectoral development.

Expansion of the paper sector in the Òdena Basin

With the Spaper salon in Zaragoza, the Maqpaper d’Igualada fair is no longer the only one dedicated to the paper industry and shows the professional of the latest technological developments in Spain.

In recent years, the paper sector has become one of the most important industries in our territory, and to continue to be and lead the market, it is necessary to tackle aspects such as the challenge of industry 4.0.

Participating in the Spaper fair, the MICOD Business Investment Attraction Office aims to seek synergies between the sector, publicize the possibilities of our territory, and seek opportunities for the Conca of Òdena.