Poligon Les Comes Igualada

The Modernization Plan of the Les Comes Industrial Estate of Igualada receives green light

The modernization project of Les Comes Industrial State of Igualada, to provide it with more competitiveness, receives green light after the confirmation of the grant of the Diputació de Barcelona (1.7 million euros from the Modernization Polygons Plan) and of the budget of the City of Igualada (250,000 euros). The project has been one of the most valued ones together with those of Mataró, Sabadell, Rubí and Berga.

A highly anticipated project

This amount corresponds to the first phase (of a total of 7.2 million) that will begin this year and will end in 2020, where the priority lies with the improvement of lighting for a more energy efficient, signaling of the entire polygon and the best mobility of two streets with a large volume of industries (and therefore of passage for high-tonnage vehicles), as there are Germany and Great Britain streets.

Within the actions of this first phase we find the improvement of the pavement, the rearrangement of sidewalks, the creation and improvement of parking areas (for heavy vehicles and cars), regulation of trees and green areas, the continuity of the bike lane or the improvement of vertical and horizontal signaling. Also included actions to promote the polygon itself, such as the configuration of its own brand, the creation of information panels and company directories, and the creation of an own website.

At present, Les Comes Industrial Estate of Igualada, built 40 years ago, has about 350 companies employing more than 4000 workers in Igualada and neighborhoods and has 88% of occupation of the hectares that make it up (110ha of land).

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