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The Zona Franca Consortium bets for the Conca of Òdena

This Wednesday, February 27th, the presentation of the Zona Franca Consortium’s proposal for the development of business projects in the industrial sectors of the Conca of Òdena, specifically in the industrial sector of Can Morera (Òdena), has taken place. The event, which took place at the Igualada Town Hall, was chaired by the Mayor of the municipality and president of the Intermunicipal Commonwealth of the Conca of Òdena (MICOD), Marc Castells, and the president of the Zona Franca Consortium, Pere Navarro, accompanied by the General Secretary Anton Ferré.

The presentation was also attended by the mayor of Castellolí and territorial delegate of the Business Investment Attraction Office of the MICOD, Joan Serra; the mayor of Òdena, Francisco Guisado; the mayor of Jorba, David Sanchez; the mayor of Vilanova del Camí, Noemí Trucharte; the mayor of Pobla de Claramunt, Santi Broch and the mayor of Santa Margarida de Montbui, Teo Romero, and several agents of the territory, such as the president of the Business Union, Joan Domènech; the territorial delegate of the CCOO union in Anoia, Josep Maria Romero; and the territorial delegate of the UGT union, Francesc Rica.

Mayors, unions and employers have given an image of unity around the Economic Activity Director Plan of the Conca of Òdena, the key alliance to promote industrial activity in the territory.


Firm step for the industrial growth of the Conca of Òdena

With this commitment, the Office of Recruitment of Business Investments of the Intermunicipal Commonwealth of the Conca de Òdena (MICOD) achieves one of its main objectives, which is to develop the industrial areas of the Economic Activity Director Plan of the Conca of Òdena, currently in process, in the same way as the Can Morera industrial estate.