Buena Aeropuerto

Why invest in the Conca d’Òdena?

Why invest here? Perfectly located in the heart of the Mediterranean, with first class infrastructures and an abundance of dedicated and highly qualfied talent. If you are looking for a place for your business, then Conca d’Òdena in the centre of Catalonia is the place for you.
Conca d’Òdena, the right answer. Barcelona, the industrial and economical engine of Spain, is a privileged location opening the market access to the existing EU potential and emerging Africa countries. Multi-cultural, long tradition commercial hub, Barcelona harbour and airport fast growing infrastructures support a productive network that ignored the recent economical crisis thank to a consolidated and well-known basis. There are many reasons to consider Catalonia as an attractive region to invest, main of them being the diversity and volume of foreign companies already present: ✔ 5.700 companies, generating 41% of total exports, 58,4 B€. At the edge of this growing Barcelona area, Igualada-Anoia arises as a specific opportunity area, 30′ drive from harbour and airport and strategically located as the logistic main route to the center of Spain and Europe. ✔ Industrial competitive available land in a singular location where traditional industry links to cutting edge knowledge activities, own university centers and priviledge access to the more active and strong productive zone of the Metropolitan Barcelona. Quality of life, unique opportunity and easy business. Good reasons to consider Conca d’Òdena as your next productive location in Europe.
know-how + strategic location + talent = success