Its location near major roads such as the A2, the Vilafranca-Manresa Eix Diagonal and the Eix Transversal, as well as the collaboration and support of the government, were decisive when the Abacus cooperative chose Anoia for its logistic centre.

Alvar Prados Abacus Invest Center Catalonia

Being founded in Anoia has marked the character of the Buff® brand, always connected to nature and outdoor sports, to the quality of the fabrics and to the design.

David Camps Buff Invest Center Catalonia

Conca d'Òdena with its cool climate, its moist soil and a location halfway between the sea and the Pyrenees, is where cava is made with 90% of its output in international markets.

Jordi Casanovas Caves Bohigas Invest Center Catalonia

Seven centuries making leather means that we are now world leaders in leather quality. The big luxury brands worldwide have relied on us for years.”

Xavi Badia Curtidos Badia Invest Center Catalonia

It is well connected, with all of the services and a powerful industrial network 45 minutes from Barcelona.

David Parellada Graphic Packaging Invest Center Catalonia

Our expertise and industry knowledge, thanks to which we can implement software solutions specializing in tanneries and fashion companies around the world, come from customers in Anoia, from which we have learned what we know of their sectors.

Blai Paco Intarex Invest Center Catalonia

This territory has given me the opportunity to develop my career after no longer competing. We have all the ingredients to be a world leader in the automotive world.

Jordi Viladoms KTM Invest Center Catalonia

Conca d'Òdena, a privileged logistical junction in Catalonia.

Xavier Herreros Paellador Invest Center Catalonia

Anoia has the potential, knowledge and talent, which gives it its industrial history, to be the benchmark in the motor sector in Southern Europe. The Parcmotor complex is one of the tools to achieve this.

Jordi Mas Parcmotor Invest Center Catalonia

The facilities that we were given by the local administrations of Anoia were one of the deciding factors for us to set ourselves up in this region.

Jaime Alfonso Riviere Rivisa Invest Center Catalonia

At Sita Murt we have grown in this region, an ideal ecosystem for a fashion company, with all the big and small workshops that it is comprised of, and a rst class technology centre.

Iago Esteve Sita Murt Invest Center Catalonia

We develop eCommerce solutions, so for us technological training is a key aspect. The central location of Conca d'Òdena allows us to look for talent not only in the towns it is comprised of but also in its surrounding areas.

Marius Rosell Trilogi Invest Center Catalonia

Ultramagic is comfortable in Anoia, since we enjoy using the IgualadaÒdena aerodrome for testing. It is well connected, near Barcelona, with reasonable costs.

Josep Maria Llado Ultramagic Invest Center Catalonia

Anoia is sewing, it's paper, it's leather and it's fashion. Tradition, knowledge and know-how in the sewing and graphic arts sectors were key determining factors.

Valls Corp Punto Blanco Grafopack Invest Center Catalonia